Home Office Organization | 10 Best Products

Transforming a home office into an organized and beautiful space can be challenging. However, with just a few changes you can create an efficient workspace that fits your style and budget. Below are ProsePlanner’s Home Office Organization | 10 Best Products for your home office. These supplies will help you tackle the clutter of your office and keep your projects organized.

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook

A hardbound A5 notebook is durable and has a lot of customizations. You can choose the paper type (unlined, lined, and dot-grid) and the cover color.

home office organization
Hardbound A5 Notebook

Lamy Fountain Pen

Similar to Leuchtturm notebooks, Lamy pens come in a variety of colors. Matching notebook and pen, anyone?

fountain pen
Fountain pen

Disc Planner

Planners come in all shapes and sizes. There are ring, coil, bound, and disc planners. The planner that can be customized the most is the Disc Planner with specialized pages (daily, weekly, and monthly), covers, and dividers.

Day Planner

It’s a good idea to have a good Day Planner for all those meetings and tasks.

home office organization
Day Planner

Chic Sparrow Notebook Cover

I love my Chic Sparrow Notebook Covers and I can’t say enough good things about them. Having a notebook cover will inspire you to write and keep yourself organized.

notebook cover
Notebook Cover


Stamps are an easy and fun way to personalize your planners and notebooks. Keeping a few stamps within reach, will make it easy to quickly add them to your planners or notebooks for special tasks.

Highlighter Pens

Highlighter pens are incredibly functional. Use them to highlight a task or to add decoration to your planners and notebooks.

highlighter pen
Highlighter Pens

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fun and functional home office essential. With just a little washi tape, can transform the appearance of your planners and notebooks.

home office organization
Washi Tape


Metal stencils are a great addition to you home desk organization. You can get these in plastic or metal and in a variety of designs.


Pen Loops

You can keep a special pen with a planner or notebook with a pen loop.

Home Office Organization | 10 Best Products

Please comment below if these products inspired you to update your home office. For more inspiration, please check our Stationary and Planner Supplies for more organization ideas.

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