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Why I Love My Happy Planner

Selecting a planner can be challenging, because there are so many options. Over the last few years I’ve used several planners with varying degrees of success. Overall, the planner that has been the most effective for my day-to-day tasks is the Happy Planner. I started using a Big Happy Planner in 2021, because I wanted to easily add and remove pages from my yearly planner and the current planner formats that I was using at the time didn’t allow for that level of customization. I’ve been using the Big Happy Planner since July 2021 and I absolutely love it. I’ve outlined a few key reasons why I love this planning system below. Please leave a comment and tell me how you like your Happy Planner.

I bought the 18-Month Big Happy Planner with a leopard print cover and highly recommend it. Happy Planner has a variety of versatile planner sizes and beautiful covers. I actually just bought the Cosmic Watercolor Big Happy Planner for 2022 and am really looking forward to using it.


I do a lot of future planning for my writing projects (novel, blog posts, newsletters, etc). For example, when I start to write a new book I create a draft calendar of the days that I know I will have time to write. While there are a lot of digital tools for blocking your time for specific tasks, including writing a novel, I think writing it down on paper is the best for me. I find that when I write it down, I will often complete the task. I think the act of writing a task down makes you accountable and also energizes you when you’ve completed it.


I use my Big Happy Planner for my daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly personal, business, and author tasks. This means that I can organize each day with the specific personal appointments, work meetings, and my personal writing projects. Prior to using the Big Happy Planner, I was separate A5 notebooks for these items and I often lost track of deliverables. Now I have all of this information on the same page, I’ve noticed big improvement in how many tasks I am completing each day.


I’me much more productive with a Happy Planner. Since all my tasks are collated together on the same page, I can see which tasks I’ve completed. At the end of each day, it’s very motivating to see a task completed and checked off the list.

Paper Size

I’ve used several types of planning systems and page sizes. My favorite for multi-functional planning is a page size of 8.5 x 11 inches, which is the size of the Big Happy Planner. In the layout that I’m using, each week is on one 8.5 x 11-inch page and there is plenty of space to write.


I love adding special details to all my planners. The ProsePlanner Etsy shop has a variety of Big Happy Planner covers, dashboards, and page markers. These are printable PDFs that you can easily print out and use to accessorize your planners. If you’d like to try the ProsePlanner Chocolate Bar Page Marker in your planner, then please download the free printable below.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on how I use my Big Happy Planner and why I recommend it. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on this planning system or the ProsePlanner page marker.

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