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Creating an author website is important for any author, but particularly for self-published authors.

Your author website can be a great place to provide free book chapters, share the details of your writing process, present book covers reveals, notify readers of your next upcoming release, or your current project.

There are a variety of companies that can help you create a custom author website that you can easily update.


Weebly, WordPress, and SquareSpace are some good options for creating an author website.

I have used Weebly and WordPress and would recommend them.


Choose a domain that has your author name in it.

For example, [author name] or [author name] may be good options.

I would focus on getting a domain that ends in .com, rather than .net or .org.


With most websites, you can use the company’s host for your website. Alternatively, you can self-host the website, but that requires more effort and web development experience.

If you are new to creating a website of any kind, then I would recommend hosting through the company.

Social Media

Be sure to include your social media links on your author website.

I recommend adding at least 2 social media links for authors (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Goodreads).

To Blog or Not to Blog

Readers enjoy learning tips and tricks about self-publishing and about the writing process.

What is unique about your writing process that you can share?

About You

Tell your readers who are you as an author. Personal details, pictures of yourself, genres that you read and write in, and your favorite food are all great ways to connect with readers.

Readers love learning about authors’ creative process.

What is special about you and your work?

Contact me

It’s essential to include a page on your website where readers can send you an email.

If you don’t want to create an email through the company, then I recommend getting a email (i.e., Gmail) that is similar to the domain of your author website.


Provide link to your Author page on publishers’ websites, Goodreads profile, and to your published books.

Other links that readers may find useful are recommendations and things that are currently inspiring you.

Do you have a favorite book on writing that you’d like to share?

ProsePlanner Tips | How to Create an Author Website

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Below are some author websites for inspiration.

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