Writing Your Novel with Word

Template, style, and dictation.

Word has a variety of features to help you write and format a great manuscript.

Below are a few tips on maximizing Word for your next writing project.

(The locations provided in this blog post are for a Mac computer. If you have a PC, then the location of these functions may vary.)


Designing a template for your manuscript is a great way to get started understanding how Word can help you organize and format. Word has a variety of built-in templates and Styled Themes that are available.

From the Design Tab, select a theme that matches how you’d like to present your manuscript. You can adjust the colors and font style to your preference.


Creating appropriate headers and a table of contents is imperative to creating a well-formatted manuscript. If you are self-publishing, then you will need to format your manuscript to match the publisher’s specifications.

Learning how to format your manuscript now will prevent any last minute obstacles when you are ready to publish.

From the Home Tab, select the Style window or you can select the Styles Pane.


Word has a variety of features to help you write. For some, dictation is faster than writing. I’ve used this feature of Word several times and found it very useful.

On the Home Tab, select the Dictation icon.


Use narration to proofread your manuscript.

Proofreading is an essential step before publishing. In addition to reviewing your manuscript for grammatical and spelling errors, you can also proofread it aloud in Word to catch those same mistakes.

I always proofread my manuscript through the Editing Function in Word, but then I also proofread it again by having it read aloud.

On the Review Tab, select Read Aloud. You can change the type of voice and speed.

Narration is an excellent way to hear your story come to life and correct errors.

Writing Your Novel with Word

I hope that you found this blog post useful for writing your next book.

Please add a comment below if you have any Word tips to share!

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