ProsePlanner’s Recommendations | Podcasts and Music for Writing Sprints

Writing Sprints

Every writer needs a few go-to podcasts and music choices to help them be productive. Below are a few of ProsePlanner’s recommendations of podcasts and music channels for your writing sprints.


Icy Sedgwick – Icy is a folklore blogger and the host of the Fabulous Folklore podcast. She also writes fiction in the genres of dark fantasy, supernatural mysteries, Gothic Horror, and Western. (She has the best name ever!) You can find the Fabulous Folklore Podcast here.

The Folklore Podcast – Mark Norman is the mastermind behind The Folklore Podcast. You can find the The Folklore Podcast here. Warning: this podcast is highly addictive!


Lo-Fi Girl – This amazing YouTube channel provides the best lofi hip hop beats for reading, studying, writing, and chilling out. I highly recommend.

RelaxationElation – This quirky newbie ambient YouTube channel has some ethereal music and poetry. LofiKitty‘s new song is fun and is full of Autumn Vibes.

Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse – Unbelievable. Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse is my favorite YouTube channel for dark ambient music. It is the channel that I listen to when I write my upcoming folk horror novel.

Horror Babble – Another outstanding YouTube channel for classic and creepy tales. The narration of the stories on this channel is amazing. When it’s dark and stormy outside, this is the best channel to listen to (under a pile of blankets).

Podcasts and Music for Writing Sprints

I hope this blog post gave you some inspiring podcasts and music to listen to for your next writing project. Please drop a comment below and let me know your favorite!

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