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As I continue to explore narrative design in video games, and its application to other media, I’m taking a narrative design course. Thus far, I’m learning a lot and I’vdlike to share my progress with you.

My first assignment in the narrative design course was to create a one-page video game pitch.

This was a wonderful exercise and I’d like to share my one-page video game pitch with you. Enjoy!


Story: While a history teacher is working on a home improvement project in their backyard, they accidentally dig up an ancient urn that gets cracked in the process. An evil spirit, named Zsmora, escapes from the urn and wreaks havoc. The history teacher finds an ancient book buried near the urn and discovers clues inside that describe how to trap Zsmora back in the urn.

The problem is, if Zsmora isn’t trapped by the next full moon, it will be forever free.

Gameplay: The ancient book has a detailed map that shows the location of various tools to help imprison Zsmora and detailed tasks to complete to unlock strength levels for the player. Players will follow the clues written therein to discover spells, incantations, and amulets that will lure Zsmora into the urn where it can be trapped once again. For each completed task described in the ancient book, gamers will earn a new archaeological tool and a higher strength level for imprisoning Zsmora in the grueling game days ahead.

Tension: Time is of the essence in this game, so the player must race against the clock to find the clues and perform any rituals before the full moon. With each passing day, Zsmora becomes stronger and the player must find even more powerful tools to subdue the evil spirit. Players will enjoy the mounting tension that each day of gameplay provides and the challenge of acquiring the tools to imprison Zsmora.

Mechanics: During each task, players can walk, run, jump, or swing their arms. However, Zsmora can also fly toward gamers at any time and extract their lifeforce, which can reduce their strength level significantly. Players must focus on the achieving their tasks quickly, while being vigilant against attacks by Zsmora.

Concept: For all those players who love the India Jones franchise and learning about esoterica, Forever Free offers players a unique gaming experience that merges both worlds. Players can enjoy environmental puzzles, obstacles, intense imagery, and dark ambient music that gets more dismal the closer the player gets to the full moon. With a plethora of challenges and puzzles amidst a brooding atmosphere, Forever Free is sure to become a favorite among the adventure-seeking gaming community.

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Do you have a narrative design course that you could recommend? If so, then please add the details in a comment.

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