Fantasy Dark Fairytale Book on Wattpad | Healer of Sorrows

I write in several genres, including fantasy and my current novel is a dark fairytale. The initial draft of Healer of Sorrows is available on Wattpad. I’ll be going through several revisions of this book and I wanted to take you along for my creative journey.

For now, you can read the first draft on Wattpad here.

About Healer of Sorrows:

Thora lives a quiet life as a blacksmith in her village, but her life changes when an ancient evil is released into the Shadowlands Forest. Thora knows she can defeat the evil that threatens her homeland but it could cost her everything – even her human form. With every dose of a powerful elixir, Thora becomes less human and more wolf. Will Thora save herself by escaping into the Shadowlands or will she sacrifice herself to save her village?

I’ll be posting regular updates on how the novel is progressing here.

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