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write a book description

Struggling to find the best way to capture what your book is about in a book description?

Can’t find the words that best describe your story and why someone should read it?

Never fear: There are plenty of resources for your to learn how to craft a great book description that will get readers’ attention.

Kindlepreneur offers a book description generator that is very helpful and definitely worth a try.

Regardless of the tool you use to describe your book, you’ll need to include a few key details.

Remember, book descriptions need to be brief. So start with a short book description and then add additional content if you have the space to do so.

  1. First, start with a hook in your first sentence.
  2. Next, summarize the problem that your main character faces in the story in one sentence. Try to emphasize how this problem is unique.
  3. Finally, summarize how your book fits into a particular genres so that the reader will know what to expect.

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I have a confession to make: I am a notebook hoarder. I am always looking for new notebooks and notebook covers to add to my collection. I recently purchased the Galen Leather A5 Zip Folio in Crazy Horse Smoky and I love it. I bought this folio from Goulet Pens, but it is handmade by Galen Leather.

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Galen Leather is a wonderful company with a variety of stationery items including: notebooks, notebook covers, pen cases, bags, and other desk accessories. They offer a beautiful range of leather colors. Gray is one of my favorite colors, so I was very happy to buy it.

If you haven’t looked at Galen Leather and Goulet Pens, then you should take some time to review their products. Both companies offer a variety of beautiful office and notebook goods that will help you design a planning and journaling process that works for you.

ProsePlanner Book Review | The Essex Serpent


A Victorian woman rebelling against gender stereotypes, the disparities of the wealthy and the poor, love unacknowledged, yearning abated, and supernatural beasts.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, then you should read The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry.

I just finished this book, and realized that there is a movie coming out as well. I love that when that happens. I typically don’t read the book and then watch the movie, but in this case I inadvertently will.

Perry weaves an intricate story around the main character, Cora Seaborne, and her travels to the town of Aldwinter in Essex. The prose is beautiful and I could picture the scenes, especially the one with the …

But, wait. You haven’t read it. You should read it!

I can definitely see myself rereading this book in Autumn with the superstitions and dangerous beasts lurking along the water’s edge.

If you’ve read this book, then please feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

ProsePlanner | Character Development Biography


Developing a quick reference biography for the characters in your novel is an important step in creating robust and interesting characters.

I’ve created my protagonist’s character development profile for a video game that I’m creating. I’m enjoying the journey of learning how to write characters for video games, because it’s helping me understand how to create engaging characters for the novels that I’m writing. I hope you find this information useful for your own characters.

Meet Dr. Dale Swinton:

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